Guru Granth Sahib (Holy Book)

Guru Granth Sahib, Sikhism's holy scripture and everlasting Guru, is a collection of 1430 Ang (respectful term for pages), containing 3,384 poetic hymns, or shabads, including swayas, sloks and vars, or ballads, composed by 43 authors in 31 raags of classic Indian music.

Fifth Guru Arjun Dev compiled the first draft of scripture known as Adi Granth in 1604 and installed it in Harmandir, known today as the Golden Temple. Adi Granth remained with the gurus until the imposter Dhir Mal, took it hoping that by possessing the granth, he could succeed as guru. Tenth Guru Gobind Singh dictated the entire scripture of Adi Granth from memory to his scribes adding his father's hymns and one of his own compositions. Upon his death he appointed the scripture Siri Guru Granth Sahib eternal Guru of the Sikhs. His remaining compositions are in the collection Dasam Granth.

The authors of Guru Granth Sahib are as follows:

Seven Sikh gurus composed shabads and sloks which together make up the majority of the collections featured in Guru Granth Sahib.:

 First Guru, Guru Nanak Dev  974 shabads and sloks.
 Second Guru, Guru Angad Dev  62 sloks.
 Third Guru, Guru Amar Das  907 shabads and sloks.
 Fourth Guru, Guru Raam Das  679 shabads and sloks.
 Fifth Guru, Guru Arjun Dev  2,218 shabads and sloks.
 Ninth Guru, Guru Teg Bahadar  59 shabads and 56 sloks.
 Tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh  1 slok
 Fourth Guru, Guru Raam Das  679 shabads and sloks.
 Fourth Guru, Guru Raam Das  679 shabads and sloks.

Bhagat Authors: The bhagats were holy men of various religious affiliations whose compositions were collected by the early Sikh gurus. Bhagat bani became part of the Adi Granth scripture compiled by Guru Arjun Dev and retained by Guru Gobind Singh:

Bhagat Beni   3 shabads
Bhagat Bhikan   2 shabads
Bhagat Dhanna   4 shabads
Bhagat Farid   4 shabads and 130 sloks
Bhagat Jaidev   2 shabads
Bhagat Kabir   292 shabads, 3151 lines of verse
Bhagat Namdev   61 shabads, 703 lines of verse
Bhagat Parmanand   1 shabad
Bhagat Pipa   1 shabad
Bhagat Ramanand   1 shabad
Bhagat Ravidass   41 shabads
Bhagat Sadhna   1 shabad
Bhagat Sain   1 shabad
Bhagat Surdas   1 shabad
Bhagat Trilochan   4 shabads


A troupe of minstrels and singers of ballads in the poetic style of Swaya, the Bhatts descended from the lineage of Hindu bard Bhagirath through ninth generation Raiya and sons, Bhikha, Sokha, Tokha, Gokha, Chokha, and Toda. The Bhatt compositions honor the gurus and their families.

Bal   5 Swayas
Bhal   1 Swaya
Bhikha   2 Swayas
Das   1 Swaya
Gyand   5 Swayas
Harbans   2 Swayas
*Jal   1 Swaya
Jalan   2 Swayas
*Jalap   4 Swayas
*Kal   49 Swayas
*Kalshar   4 Swayas
Kirat   8 Swayas
Mathura   10 Swayas
Nal   6 Swayas
Sal   3 Swayas
Sewak   7 Swayas
Tal   1 Swaya

Eleven Bhatts led by Kalshar including, Bal, Bhal, Bhika, Gyand, Harbans, Jalap, Kirat, Mathura, Nal and Sal, lived in Punjab by the bank of River Sarsvati, and frequented the courts of Third Guru Amar Das and Fourth Guru Raam Das.
*Because of similar names and obscure records, some historians believe there were as few as 11, or as many as 19 Bhatts, who contributed to compositions included in Guru Granth Sahib.